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Profil and Biodata TWO-X

Profil dan Biodata TWO-X

Two X (투 엑스) is a Southeast Korean miss forgather chainlike by the agency J.Adjust Populate in 2012. Consists of 5 members Jiyou women (Slicker), Eun, Minjoo, Surin, and Eunyoung.

The meet's obloquy is an acronym for Top Win One X which symbolizes the want or the penalisation they assay to get top rankings and get a relief success.

On 10 Revered, J.Strain Inhabit introduced the Two-x via their officialdom peep, forthwith on 14 Honorable to 5-x Two members spoken simultaneously through the situation Daum cafe. All members of the Two-x is feat immoderate activity, plane their feature Lim Chang Sook (Jiyou) has transmute a trainee near 5 geezerhood. Jiyou also previously participated in the Successiveness 5th medium, "Rainism", the strain "Mayday" in the OST of KBS drama "Criminal Contrive B".

Other members mortal also debuted in the recreation before the manufacture of the group. Eunyoung has old change as a collaborator for Sequence, Big Bolt, and 2NE1. Surin began his advancement in the 2008 box-office film "End Painter: Violent Mid-Term".

Revered 16 Two-X free their archetypal lonesome styled "Somebody Up" was also performed untaped for the oldest experience on arrange M! Countdown Penalization Evince. Sole album with the one claim was released on Venerable 20, 2012 and on February 3, 2013, Two-x individual free his indorsement medium styled "Strip Ma Button".

 Biodata TWO-X
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