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Profil and Biodata Big Bang

Big Bang (빅뱅) / BIGBANG is a boy band from Southland Choson. This set consists of 5 department, each having a incompatible enunciate or rapping parts. They are considered to be members of the new face of "YG Descent" low the pedagogy of YG Recreation. After propulsion their procession in 2006, Big Close successfully nonclassical and palmy in 2007 with the lone "Lies" (???). This success puts the Big Hit as a famous South Asian boy stria, and vie with fille forgather Query Girls. Besides illustrious for their hit songs, members also be a role interpret in the call of fix.

Before actuation their advance with a subject preserve friendship, each member of Big Rush is no unknown to the mankind of diversion. G-Dragon, the beguiler, and Tae Yang has been a member of YG Entertainment since they were 12 years old. Both are acknowledged as "GDYB" which stands for both of their defamation 'GD of G-Dragon and YB' of Boyish Bae (Tae Yang's echt patois). Member named TOP identified as subsurface hip hop rapper piece Seung Ri firstly entered the entertainment industry in the earth when it included in the guide belongs to Shinhwa, "Let's Cokeplay Battle".
After members rank Big Jewellery, video textile MTV Korea writing prefabricated 10 episodes which include their activities during their activity before being launched as a boy jewelry. Broadcast 6 The original part detailing the motive and scope of the amhhpya to prettify a instrumentalist.

This writing depicts the very threatening travail specified as recreation and revealing composer. Two members, SO-1 and Seung Ri has been advised not to be included, but they were relinquished a seek to demonstrate off their science in saltation and singing. But Yang Hyun Suk (YG Amusement's CEO) eventually issued a SO-1 because he was thoughtful "too shy". Meantime, Seung Ri makes Yang Hyun Suk was impressed by the skills of its singing and saltation, and was elected a member of Big Charge. This documentary video was made to memorialize the last, the members of Big Hit's coefficient before decorous stars in the Korean amusement industry.

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